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Testimonials For K-Way Auto Sales

Hailee - Warren BMW 328i

Very good experience considering I was a first time buyer with no credit. Luis helped me every step of the way with out hesitation. I got an amazing deal on an amazing car. He even went out of his way to contact me after an entire month to see how the car and I were doing. Very pleasant people and I highly recommend going to take a test drive with them if you are interested in one of his cars!

Best Cars - 2013 Honda Van

Best car dealers in az the guys was so helpful and amazing great service.


At K-Way, YOU ARE FAMILY - 2010 Honda CRV

I was a first time buyer at K-Way Auto Sales (Srping 2017). I found the car I wanted in a big directory of auto dealers, and it took me to the K-Way lot. Even though it was the first car I looked at, I knew it was the one for me. Luis and his team are so friendly helpful. They are not a commissions based sales team, which means the customers needs truly do come first. Luis answered eery question I had, and was even willing to sit down with me and go through my multiple contracts to help me find the information I wanted to know. They are located about 20 miles from where I live and Luis was kind enough to drive all the way to my house in order to pick me up so I could finalize our deal. I am very satisfied with my purchase, their customer service, and their business as a whole. They treat you like a member of their family; they want you to be happy and smiling when you drive off the lot! No other dealership has ever treated me like this before.. thank you K-Way Auto. 

Great Customer Service - 2011 Dodge Charger

I bought a 2011 Charger from Luis and Pops! I must say that they did an excellent job of responding to my inquiries and getting a deal done. I had shopped for about 60 days, mostly online and can count on one hand the number of dealers who responded more than once. Luis was on the requests pronto, sending pics and video from his phone to answering emails and picking me up at the airport. It is nice to know there are still people out there who want to sell a car. Good job guys!! 5 stars!!

Love this place - 2013 Nissan Versa

Smooth, friendly , and fast. Luis was really cool and very helpful to me and my wife. He made her first car buying experience a good one to say the least. Would definitely recommend K-Way to others. Awesome service.

K-Way IS THE WAY - 2010 Saturn Veo

Best place ever! Luis is amazing great from beginning to end. Mr. William was great too they make a great team. I am happy with my purchase and recommend them ??!

Christine - 2010 GMC Acadia

Great experience and great people! Definitely recommend!

Mark - 2010 Honda Civic

Great service, Great People, Best car buying experience I've ever had, Great Job Guys and keep up the good work.


WOW!!! - 2011 Dodge Van


Small dealership with very big customer service, I have never been treated better then this in my life, They are so awesome and willing to go the extra mile to help you in your buying experience, Pop's and Luis are great and very helpful, I really do recommend this place 200%, Go try it your self and see.

PS: Will make sure to let the whole world know about this place.

Best Freind's Advice Ever! - 2012 Toyota Camry

After being turned down at several dealerships (or needing a ridiculous amount of money down) I was told by a friend to go to K-Way Auto Sales (she had recently purchased a vehicle from them). Upon arrival I was greeted by "Luis Martinez" with a smile and a handshake. I told him right off the bat about my situation and that a friend referred me.. He invited me inside so we could see where exactly I stood and what he would be able to qualify me for. When we went inside he introduced me to "Pops" and offered me water. We proceeded to check my credit report and after looking it over with "Pops" Luis said "Follow me, I have a few options I want to show you. We went oustide and lo and behold the first vehicle he showed me is the same vehicle I drove off in and love it!!! Luis not only got me approved but he also did it within my budget and in a car I ACTUALLY WANT TO DRIVE... Oh and BTW I was in and out within 90 minutes, no ALL DAY HAGGLING or PRESSURE like everywhere else.. K-Way is FANTASTIC!!! Definitely The "Only Way To Buy A Car"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Real Deal - 2014 Nissan Sentra

This is the real deal dealership, Great people, Great service, They work so hard to get any one financed and get the car of there dreams, They really do a job that no one in this town will do. Thanks for a great car and great service and I assure you I will let the world know about you guys.

The Best Ever - 2011 BMW 528I

This is the best service I have ever gotton from a dealership, It does not matter when you bought the car they do help even 6 moths after the sale. What a dealership. they fix my car and they allow me to make payments. what other dealership will do that? excellent service, excellent help and excellent people

Happy With The Desicion I Made! - 2010 Chrysler Van

I purchased my Van in December 2016, these past 6 months flew by and my Van Is paid off. Just like that! These guys are the best. K-Way Auto Sales, The ONLY way to buy a car! I'll be coming back to get my son a car ...


Awesome Dealership - 2013 BMW 528I

It had to be the easiest purchase of a vehicle I ever experienced. I would most definitely recommend K-Way to anyone .And they are still contacting me to make sure I am still happy.


"Couldn't have been a better experience" - 2010 Nissan Altima

They were very friendly and bent over backwards to serve me and get me approved, even though I wasn't buying a very expensive car. The owner "Pops" personally made sure that I was satisfied and at ease. I have never laughed so much on a test drive, "Luis" is HILARIOUS and made the whole process fun and enjoyable (that has never happened while buying a car for me before). The folks at K-Way Auto Sales demostrated flexibility and cheerful patience and made sure everything went smoothly.

Highly Recommend K-Way.......

Natalie K

Luis is "My Car Guy" - 2012 BMW 328i

Over the past 5 years I have now bought 3 cars from "Luis" (2 from 2 previous dealerships he was at), needless to say I was treated as family once again when I went in to K-Way to buy my son's first car. So much in fact that my son asked me "are we related to Luis' (Luis referred to him as his nephew lol).. With so many places to choose from I would never go anywhere else but wherever Luis is at.. Thank you once again Luis for taking care of me and my family... I still owe you a lunch!

Mondo A. A Client for Life....

Very Nice and straight forward - 2012 Ford Fiasta

I have been thinking about buying another car for me to commute back and forth to work then I saw couple of cars on auto trader that I was interested in and called the place, they were very pleasant and gave me the same price that was on the internet its defiantly different than lot of dealership I looked at the car and its the same car in the pics no more or less, test drove the car and bought it the same hour.Great guys to work with and most importantly they are extremely honest. 100% Recommended and K-Way the way to go.


Out of State - 2014 Chrysler 300

First of all I want to thank K-Way for there outstanding service, I came from Cali to buy a car that they have in there inventory , They picked me up from the airport, the car was waiting for me all clean and exactly the same car and same pics that I saw on there website, This does not happen in cali with small dealership. Amazing service and extremely honest people. 100% recommended.


The best and best deals - 2012 Hyundai Sonata

I purchased a 2012 Hyundai Sonata from K-way and I extremely satisfied with my car. I just took a 5000 mile round trip across the Us from Phoenix to Florida & back. My auto was very reliable and no problems First class autos i'll buy my next auto from K-Way after I am finished with fhis one.



From Online to Off the Lot - 2006 Chrysler Town & Country

After doing two weeks of research on both the Carmax and Auto Trader websites, I came across this Chrysler Town & Country at K-Way Auto Sales. The car looked good, the miles were remarkably low, the Carfax was clean, and the price was right. Although I live in Los Angeles, it definitely paid to expand my search to include Phoenix. Next, I called three days in a row. Making a large purchase long distance isn't something a person rushes into. Luis was friendly and didn't put any used car salesman pressure on me. My credit report is almost blank (I do not have a credit card) so the financing was a bit tricky, but we were able to come up with something workable. They held the car for me until I could arrange a trip to Phoenix the following week. From there, it was just a question of a breezy test drive, a pre-sale check at a nearby mechanic, and signing the papers. What's great about K-Way is that it is a mom and pop shop. No giant corporate monsters to deal with. The owner and his team are nice guys, and it's alway better to support a small business. They care about providing a more personal service. I'm glad I made the trip to Phoenix. The drive back in my new car was a pleasure.

Christopher L

Exceptional - 2012 Hyundai Elantra

Thank you Bill and Luis! We are so happy with our car purchase. Thank you for making a difficult outcome turn out to be SO POSITIVE! I will glad recommend you to anyone that asks about a car in the future.


You guys are absolutely amazing - 2012 Hyundai Elantra

Thank you so much for the positive outcome. Bill and I could not be more pleased. You guys are absolutely amazing. Will definitely tell anyone who is looking for a vehicle to head your way. 

Sharon Z


After looking for a car for a while i came across k-way auto sales. I walked in and immediately felt like family. The team at k-way helped me get financed and put me in my dream car. The car is great! Even though its a used car it looks and runs like a brand new car. I will never buy a car from a different dealership! Thank you Luis, Gentry, and Pops for taking great care of my family and I.
Henry R.

Extremely honest - 2010 Hyundai Genesis

These people are extremely honest about every thing they do, What a place to do business, I have been going in and out of this dealership for over a week to decide which car I want to buy, I was comparing prices and cars from other car lots, There cars by far the best there is, They are super clean, well taking care of and best of all they are all clean car faxes. I like the way they do business its all upfront and no hidden agendas or surpises and they all come with 3 months or 3000 miles warranty, HOW COULD YOU GO WRONG, K-Way really is the way to buy a car. Thanks for every thing.



Honestly, Simply the Best! - 2014 Ford Focus

Just want to say that these guys REALLY did help me acquire ownership of the vehicle. Knowing that I have HORRIBLE Credit, Luis & David really did come through and pulled it off. I now have something that is in My Name and Honestly I'm Truly Happy. They made my experience well worth it and you won't get any better service anywhere else. They are Honest, Friendly & Really Care about Your Needs. I Highly Recommend to anyone in Need of a Vehicle NOW!... #LuisTheCarGuy! #DavidTheMan! Thank You Guys for Everything!...

Sam Maldonado

Best car buying experience - 2012 Chevy Malibu

I have been thinking about buying another car for me to commute back and forth to work then I saw couple of cars on auto trader that I was interested in and called the place, they were very pleasant and gave me the same price that was on the internet its definitely different than lot of dealership I looked at the car and its the same car in the pics no more or less, test drove the car and bought it the same hour.Great guys to work with and most importantly they are extremely honest. 100% Recommended and K-Way the way to go.


Very Helpful - 2006 Nissan Murano

Luis was very knowledgeable throughout the process, asking for documents ahead of time to take care of my unique credit situation. Contacted via text and email, which is my preference as im usually busy through the day!

Brandon Y.

Love my car - 2008 BMW 328i

David is very professional and takes the time to listen to his customers. There is never the feeling of being rushed when browsing through cars with him. David is also very patient with customers, and allows customers to shop and decide on their own time. Very recommended if you want a professional who is courteous to his customers.

Michael Leckie

BEST EXPERIENCE EVER!!! - 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe

Luis is AWESOME!! Worked really hard to get me in the car I wanted with a price i was comfortable with! I won't go to anyone else for a car ever!!


No pressure , good guys - 2013 Ford Focus

I went to David twice for a car and both times he did awesome and worked hard to get me the car I wanted. I will go to him a third time as well when it's time to get the next car, I highly recommend


Great Small Dealership - 2010 Hyundai Genesis

I Have been shopping for over 2 months to find the right car with the Right price, Accidently i was driving by this small place and I said to my self what the heck I'll go look, Surprisingly found the nicest cars with the best prices in this town, the people there were very friendly, knows about there cars and best of all you deal directly with the owner. I bought the car from them.......Clean car fax, Clean history, and very well maintained, Some times we think to deal with bigger dealers are better but that is not the case with K-Way auto sales. You guys ROCK and will make sure to send some people to see you. Thanks for the greatest deal ever and the best experience I've had with you guys.

Mike Z

Great Guys at K Way Auto Sales - 2014 Chevy Cruz

They guys are pros but above that they are caring and go the extra mile to make sure that you are not only happy but satisfied with your purchase. Luis will not give you the run around instead he is honest and a pro that will give you the facts straight forward. David picked me up from across town to help me get to K Way Auto sales. if you are looking for a reliable vehicle and honest pros. Come to K Way Auto Sales and get it done right the first time. they wont stop til it is you that is happy...

Gabriel M.

My experience at K Way auto sales - 2010 Volkswagon Jetta

Working with Luis was the best car buying experience I ever had. From the minute I walked in the door I was treated with respect and kindness. I never once felt pressured at all. Luis make my car buying experience a great one. I would most definitely recommend K Way auto sales to anyone I know who is looking for a car. The transaction took less than an hour and my car is amazing. Thank you so much Luis and K Way auto sales for being the respectable and honest business that you are. You are the best.

So Happy!!! - 2015 Chevy Equinox

We could not be more happy with our car buying experience with K-Way. Luis was very informative, friendly, and was straightforward (which we can all appreciate). Awesome customer service and so very down to earth. Breath of fresh air after dealing with large dealerships that just wanted to rip us off. We have already recommended K-Way to our friends and family. So thankful to have found them and Luis. We love our 2015 Chevy Equinox. Thank you!!!

Great Experience - 2001 Ford Explorer Sort Trac


Very Smooth Process - 2009 Honda Odyssey

I got my car from Kay auto it was a very smooth process. They were very professional but yet felt like family. It was hard getting rid of my van of 13 yes: 13 years. Luis was more than the finance person to me he was great very understanding and we even laughed when I asked for a coupon book for my car??. When he told me they stopped that along time ago we went through my planner not phone an I wrote dates payment was due. We both got a kick out of that. When the deal was done. He made sure I was satisfied with what I had an talked to me for over an hour as the tears rolled down my face of letting my car go.I am satisfied with my purchase but the customer care and service Luis gave was greatly appreciated. Thanks Luis an I did get a coupon book??.I would purchase a car from any lot he works at.Keep up to great work...T.Bey

Very Knowledgeable people - 2007 GMC Acadia

We have been looking for big SUV all over town and then we looked and searched on auto trader.We found a nice SUV at K-Way Auto Sales so we decided to drive there from Mesa, When we arrived we were greeted by a professional guy and happened that he speaks a little Spanish then we clicked immediately with him, he introduce us to the owner which is very polite man and he thanked us for coming to the dealership, never asked us to buy at all then we went on a test drive , The SUV was clean as a whistle , at this point we know that we don't have the greatest credit and we have been rejected at big dealership, We sat down and immediately we were approved and went home in the SUV that we really liked , They did an amazing job and sold us a great car for a great price. The transaction we quick down to the point and in most honest way that you can do business, Go to K-Way so they can show you the "Way To Buy a Car". Great experience.

Great deal on a 2012 Van - 2012 Kia Sedona

I'd been looking specifically for a van to meet the specific needs I had. I had looked for a month through Auto Trader, Craigslist, Carfax and directly through dealerships. I found the best deal at K-Way for a clean used vehicle. Both Luis and David were very upfront, no pressure and honest sales guys. They answered every question quickly and were very accommodating to our vehicle tests. I would buy another car there in a minute and will recommend to all my friends.

K-Way Auto Sales - 2000 Quality Vehicle

At K-Way Auto Sales we are proud of the quality used cars we sell and our dedication to serve the needs of our customers. This is reflected in the amount of repeat business we receive. Whether this is your first purchase with us or one of many that you’ve had, you can count on our dedicated sales staff to make it the best buying experience possible.